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The EdgePro Paver Restraint and the EdgePro Rigid are two accessories for your interlocking paving stone project that will keep the stones in place, just the way you planned, without the eyesores or extra work of other restraints.

EdgePro Paver Restraint

  • One Piece System with No Cutting!
  • Extra rugged design withstands heavy traffic.
  • EdgePro can be used for either walkway, patio or driveway installations
  • Durable EdgePro PVC will not crack, rot or deteriorate.
  • Designed for both straight and radius installations without snipping or cutting.
  • L-shape design eliminates turf "brownout" by allowing maximum backfill against the pavers.
  • Compact 71/2 foot design is convenient and efficient for storage and hauling.
  • Can be anchored with standard 3/8 x 12 inch landscape spikes or 9 inch landscape stakes.
EdgePro PAver Restraint

EdgePro Rigid

  • Great for big jobs with straight installations.
  • Extra thick profile is the heaviest in the industry
  • Compact 7 1/2 foot design is convenient and efficient for storage and hauling.
EdgePro Rigid

Snap Edge

  • Engineered to provide a strong, easy to install edge restraint for concrete/clay pavers.
  • One single unit can be used to form straight or radius installations.
  • Convenient tongue and groove connection speeds installation.
  • Speeds radius installations due to its unique "Snip and Flex" feature.
  • Unique design allows the tightest radius in the industry.
  • Full depth backfill gives the turf a solid place to anchor so as to increase the strength of the system.
  • 8' length transports easily in the back of a pickup truck.
Snap Edge Paver Edging

Soil reinforcement for segmental retaining walls:
When the weight of retaining wall units alone is not enough to retain soil loads, VERSA-Grid provides the additional soil reinforcement necessary for structural wall stability. Properly designed, VERSA-Grid reinforced walls may be economically constructed to heights exceeding 40 feet.

Versa-Lok FabricVersa-Lok Fabric

Soil-Reinforcement Fabric

  • Economical
  • Easy Installation
  • Convenient Roll Sizes
  • For VERSA-LOK Walls Up To Eight Feet High
Versa-Tuff Pins

Non-corrosive, nylon/fiberglass Versa-Tuff Pins provide consistent alignment in standard Versa-Lok Retaining Wall Systems. Versa-Tuff Snap-off Pins are used for Accent, Cobble and Mosaic Retaining Wall Systems.
Versa-Tuff Pins

The Versa-Lifter is used to lift and place Versa-Lok retaining wall unitsThe Versa-Lifter makes it easier to lift and place units, especially on the base course. The two prongs on the lifter are placed into the holes in the Versa-Lok unit. The action of lifting the handle secures the lifter to the unit and makes for easy, balanced lifting and placement. Versa-Lifters are available from your local supplier
Versa Lifter

Polymetric Sand For paving stones and slabs

  • Unlike sand, it stays in place
  • Applied dry - cures after being sprayed
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Keeps insects away
Polymetric Sand

Efflorescence Cleaner Essential prior to sealant application

  • Dislodges ground-in dirt and brightens up the color
  • Primes the surface and ensures even cleaning
  • Automatic dilution with adaptable sprayer (below,left)
  • Contains no muriatic/hydrochloric acid
Efflorescence Cleaner

HP Masonry Adhesive For paving stones and retaining walls

  • Moisture-cure Urethane
  • Superior adhesion
  • For dry or damp surfaces
  • Won't Shrink
  • Cures Quickly

RG Masonry Adhesive For paving stones and retaining walls

  • Super adherent
  • Economical
Masonry Adhesive

Retaining Wall Water Repellent Invisible and penetrating

  • Repels water and dirt
  • Protects against salt and frost
  • Prevents the appearance of efflorescence
Retaining Wall Water Repellent

Paint, Tar, and Rubber Remover

  • Effectively dissolves paint, tar or bitumen, rubber and chewing gum
Paint Tar Rubber Remover

Dirt and Grease Cleaner Used before or after application of protective coating

  • Dissolves and dislodges grease
  • Easy to rinse
Dirt and Grease Cleaner

Rust Remover Used before or after the application of a protective coating

  • Won't discolour the material
  • Contains no muriatic/hydrochloric acid
Rust Remover

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